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When cleaning the car, we often pay more attention to the positions that are easy to see by our eyes, such as windshield, hood and car interior. But in fact, cleaning is also important in those humble places, such as the underbody, engine compartment and wheel hub.

How to effectively clean the wheel hub and car rims? This is more than just flushing the tires and grooves. Over time, the dirt on the road will adhere to the surface of the wheel hub and rim, and the accumulated water will aggravate oxidation and corrosion.

Steam cleaning can go deep into the corners that are not easy to reach at ordinary times, and more deeply and thoroughly clean these parts, so as to prolong their service life.

Advantages of steam cleaning for automobile wheel rim:

The use of high-temperature steam not only avoids the chemical corrosion of cleaning products and solutions, but also effectively protects the sensitive surface materials of hub and rim. In addition, hard bristles and friction cleaning will scratch the metal surface.

Steam cleaning can effectively remove the dirt on the car rim and restore it to the original state, while pressurized high-temperature steam can disintegrate the dirt and effectively clean the dirt on the edge. By steam cleaning, you don’t have to use too many cleaning products and tools on your car rim. With just a little water and a microfiber washing glove, you can do the job well.

Steam cleaning will not produce any sewage that may harm the environment and will not aggravate earth pollution.

Car rims are usually replaced for a long time, and you can’t completely remove pollutants entering the metal, such as stubborn asphalt spots, old glue residues and other pollutants. However, steam cleaning your car rim can remove those ugly stains and improve the overall appearance of your car.

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