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Embrace the Future of Cleaning Solution

Use high pressure hot steam to dissolve the dirt and clean different surface in a more efficient way. Suitable for the cleaning of car interior & exterior, carpet, kitchen, tile, grout...

Comprehensive Cleaning

Steam cleaning can eliminate the odor and kill bacteria at the same time for both hard surface (car body, tile) and soft surface (carpet, chair)

Deep Cleaning

Steam cleaning takes the advantage of high temp & pressure to remove stubborn stain such as car engine heavy dirt and kitchen grease

Effecient Cleaning

Just grab a steam gun, you can fresh almost everything. Save time, money, space and energy resources with better cleaning effect.

Product Highlights


Steam Car Cleaner

Wet and dry steam. Safety valve. Drain valve. Indicator light. Water level display. You can clean the engine compartment, leather chair, air conditioner, gear box

steam car wash machine

High Pressure Car Washer

High pressure water gun applied in cleaning and maintenance of all kinds of motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery and etc.

Vacuum Steam Cleaner
Vacuum Steam Cleaner

The dual-in-one device with steam and dust suction functions makes the cleaning effect more pronounced. 

carpet cleaning machine

Carpet Cleaning Machine

Clean the household or vehicle carpets, rugs, mats automatically with dry foam. Effecient carpet clean in 20s. Brand core parts. Self-cleaning.

High Pressure Foam Gun

Draw detergent into gun and produce density foam. Spray foam on the vehicle then the dirt will be removed. Use high pressure water to clean.

wireless car wash water gun

Wireless Car Wash Gun

Wireless high pressure cleaning gun. 40 mins battery life. Longer range, strong pressure. No longer subject to environment and water restrictions. 

About Heycar

As a dedicated mechanical products manufactuer based in China, we are specialized in industrial cleaning machine. For the past 10 years, we’ve provided cleaning & disinfection machines for the customers all over 150 countries.


About Heycar


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