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steam car cleaner
9KW Power , 8KG High Pressure

8KG pressure Steam

With a pressure up to 8Kg, the steamer can easily remove stubborn stains like oil stain, car stickers, bird droppings and mud

Safety Plug

When the pressure controller and safty valve fail, the safety plug will atumatically vent to avoid injury.

Heycar Steam Wash Machine

›150℃ Temp

High-temperature steam can decompose dirt in seconds, and complete sterilization and disinfection simultaneously

Wet & Dry Steam

Choose wet or dry steam at will. Use dry steam to clean car interior and wet steam to clean car body and wheels.

Why steam car washing machine?
High pressure steam can not only disinfect, but also remove dirt. It can quickly dissolve the sticky nature of sediment and dirt...

Key Features

Heycar - Steam Car Wash Machine

car steam cleaner icon

Quick Hot Steam

Smart control systems with auto pressure control, ensured strong hot steam

Stable Water Pump

Float water levle controller. Visiable water pump process in 2 mins.

Clean & Sterilization

High temperature steam remove the stain and kill bacteria in seconds

portable & stable

Box-shaped design with 4 wheels. Smart control system makes the operation and maintenance more easier


Commercial steam cleaner for car interior, car exterior, tile, grout and more

Heycar - steam car wash machine
  • Item: Steam car wash machine
  • Brand: Heycar
  • Temp: 80-180℃
  • Wet & Dry Steam: Available
  • Pre-heating Time: 2 mins
  • Dimensions: 72*54*82cm
  • Material: Copper and Stainless steel
  • Voltage: AC220V
  • Water Tank Capacity: 10L
  • Power: 9KW
  • Colors: Green, White + Green/Orange
  • Place of Origin: China

quick steam

dust clean

odor removal

mite removal

Why choose heycar

Quality Products With Stable Performance

Patent technology. No matter heavy dust in car engine or sticky glue on leather chair, the hot steam can clean all the stains in a speedy way.

steam clean before after
Heycar Steam Wash Machine
considerate design

Steam in 12 seconds Double Guns & Tubes

No matter heavy dust in car engine or sticky glue on leather chair, the hot steam can clean all the stains in a super speedy way.

Multiple Functions

Dry / Wet Steam Choose at will

Choose dry and wet steam at will, dry steam is to clean car inerior, and wet steam is to clean the car body.

10 years+  dedicated supplier to offer machine products for the customers all over 150 countries.


We value the trust of every customer

I didn’t expect the money invested in the steam car washing machine to regain so quickly. In just two months, we reduced our investment in the car wash liquid by 2/3 and reduced our water bill by half. Moreover, there is no more need to worry about the stricter environmental policy.


Heycar steaming machines are amazing! My customers are satisfied with their clean effects. There were almost no after-sales questions. And you can get quick reply eveytime you have any question.


As family business, it is difficult for our littler shop to make every change. It turns that the purchase of this machine is obviously right. Our car detailing service has attracted a lot of customers since the adopting of Heycar car cleaner.


heycar steam cleaner details

product details

With sound dissolution nature, we apply steam cleaning to various areas...


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