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carpet cleaning machine

Car Carpet Washing Machine

Dry Cleaning Foam

Foam dry cleaning tech. Maximize the decontamination rate and reduce the water content.


Less manual work. Speed up the way you cleaning car carpets and rugs.

20s Wash

Automated operations taken only 20 seconds. Ready to use after washing.

304 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel makes the machine easy to clean and more durable.

Imported Water Stick

Adopt the water-absorbing stick imported from Japan to effectively remove residual stains and foam.

Leakage Protection

Built-in safety leakage protection devide. Automatically trip when the voltage is to high or leakage occurs.

Feature spotlights

Automatic Carpet Washing Machine

Automatic Carpet Washing Machine
The machine could completely tap out the dust inside carpets, even the dust in carpet root. Suitable for all kinds of carpets. And the closed vacuum system can keep enviroment clean.
Carpets, mats, rugs from all kinds of vehicles.
You just need to put the carpet into the machine, then leave all the heavy cleaning work to it.
360 deep cleaning. Able to remove stubbon stains left for years.

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