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Steam cleaner

Steam Car Washer. High Pressure & Hot Steam. Vacuum Carpet Cleaner. Steam Cleaner for Car and More...

"What really turned me over was its ability to clean any surface in seconds."
John Doe
cleaning company owner

Our best seller steamer products. The landmark of the car cleaning new age. Dissolving dirt with hot & high pressure steam, you can easily clean car body and interior.

With branded core parts, our non-contact auto car wash machine will deliver stable car wash experience for every user. Auto soap dispense. 100KG high pressure water flush. Water wax coating. Air-dry system.

Clean all kinds of motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery. Meanwhile, it can be used to disinfect and clean playground, square, exterior walls, doors

Integrated with steam cleaning and dust suction, the cleaning effect will be more pronounced. Can be used to clean the sofa, carpet, curtains and etc.

Completely tap out the dust inside carpets, even the dust in carpet root. Suitable for all kinds of carpets. Automatic washing in 20 seconds.

other car wash tools

wireless car wash water gun

Wireless Car Washer Gun

Ultra long range. Copper core motor. High pressure jet. Multifunctional water gun nozzles can be switched at will.

Car Interior Cleaning Gun

Remove stubborn stains on the surface of the mat, leather, plastics, dial plates and other automobile interiors Cleaning more strong, more fast.

car wash foam spay

High Pressure Foam Gun

Spray foam to dissolve the dirt. Metal nozzle with bearings. Better nozzle rotation. Suitable for heavy use.

Hydraulic Car Jack

The electric car jack can bear 3 tons of weight, rise and fall automatically. Remote control supported.

change the way of cleaning

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