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Vacuum Steam Cleaner


Water & Dust Suction

The dual-in-one device with steam and dust suction functions makes the cleaning effect more pronounced.

Frequency Converter

Stable performance. Can be appiled to different enviroment.

Steam in 60s

The steam nozzle and dust suction port
are installed on the squeegee
at the same time.

Remove Scale Adjustable

Change the scale as you wish to better clean in various conditions.

PLC Control Circuit

Fully PLC control make the machine
work intelligently and easy for any new
operator to use

Antifreeze Design

No worry about cold weather. Antifreeze settings helps the machine to work normal in low temperature.

Feature spotlights

Car wash Vacuum Cleaner

180 ℃ hot steam enable us to clean and disinfect the surface at the same time. It’s especially useful for soft surface like carpet, mat, rug, chair…
Steam Cleaner and Vacuum in One

Under the action of high steam pressure and high suction, the cleaning squeegee is cleaned by spraying steam At the same time, the dust suction port will suck out the dirt at the same time, and the decontamination will be more thorough. Purify the indoor environment. This machine breaks the traditional cleaning methods such as floor scrubbers and vacuum cleaners to clean sofas, carpets, and curtains for cleaning companies. The preferred new device.

The operator can clean the sofa, carpet, and curtains as long as the operator is skilled in the operation of the head, and achieve the best effect of cleaning, disinfection and deodorization.
The irreplaceable dry and flexible characteristics of steam can protect sofas, carpets, and curtains made of high-end materials.
High temperature and high pressure steam removes various peculiar smells.
the high temperature of steam can heat and thaw items
Steam high temperature, high pressure to remove oil, mud and other contaminants.

Product Models



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