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Auto Car Wash Machine
100KG High pressure water
soap. flush. dry & wax

100KG pressure water

With a pressure up to 100Kg, the auto car wash machine can easily remove basic stains like dust and water mark.

Safety assurance

Voice tutorial and screen display available. The machine won't start working if the vehicle were not parked properly.

non-contact auto car wash machine

Branded Core Parts

We use branded sensors, pumps and other core parts to ensure stable washing effect and performance.

Eco-friendly and Efficient

The water recycling system can be adopted to re-use 80% of water. PLC control and remote management helps to operate the car wash around 24 hours.

With the rising of human costs, decreasing of natural resources, automatic car washing machine conforms to meet the requirements of time. It greatly saves labor, time and space.

Why choose heycar

Quality Products With Stable Performance

35+ Registered Patent technology. Rich Manufacturing experience. CE/ CMA Certified Auto Car Wash Machine.

auto car wash before and after


Commercial auto car wash machine for car interior

Heycar - auto car wash machine
  • Item: Non-contact auto car wash machine
  • Brand: Heycar
  • Size: 3000mm * 3050mm
  • Installation Size: 7000*3300-3800*3100mm
  • Maximum carwash length: 5600mm
  • Maximum carwash height: 20000mm
  • Car wash time: 3-5 mins
  • Power: 16-26KW
  • Gas sourcerequirements: Air pressure 0.5MPa
  • Water Consumption: 120-165L Per Car
  • Place of Origin: China

wheel flush

360° water flushing

Water wax coating

Strong air drying

Heycar Auto Car Wash Machine - Factory

10 years+  dedicated supplier to offer machine products for the customers all over 150 countries.

With high washing efficiency, we apply auto car washing to various areas...

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