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Commercial Car Detailing Steam Cleaner

Pure Dry Steam

Your get continous dry steam after pre-heating for a short while. The ability to switch between dry steam and wet steam make it possible to clean more surfaces.

Double Safety Guard

We completely devide the water rute and the electric circuit and prevent potential safety problems. No-gas design also increased security guarantee.

Water Level Window Display

You can view the water level directly through a transparent window, and then add water in time.

Double Guns & Tubes

As there are both wet steam and dry steam for different use, we offer two sets of steam guns and tubes.

Feature spotlights

Steam Cleaner for Car Detailing

Steam Cleaner for Car Interior

Heycar steam cleaner is a commercial car detailing steam cleaning tool with high power and portable body. It’s flexible and convenient to use. With fast generated dry steam, it won’t wet the accessories while delivering deep cleaning effect. It is ideal for cleaning car interiors, car seats, car engines and etc.

For carpet, rug, sofa, couch, car interior and other textile.

Everyone who wants to clean the carpet effortlessly. It’s especially suitable for commercial carpet cleaning business or janitorial company.

360 deep cleaning. Able to remove stubborn stains in the root of carpet fiber.



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