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Dry Steam Cleaner

Dry Steam with Less Pre-heating

Just infuse water and turn on the switch, the machine will begin to generate dry steam in seconds.

Water & Electricity Divided

Although you use water and electricity at the same time , we cut down potential risk by complete seperation design.

Water Level Display

With partial transparency config, the user can view the water level in the whole steam cleaning process.

Double Guns & Tubes

Together with the main machine, we will package two sets of guns and tubes to switch the offer or dry/wet steam.

Feature spotlights

Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner

Wet Dry Steam Cleaner

Heycar dry steam cleaner machine – Wet & Dry steam for effecient cleaning. Easy to dissolve stubborn stains in carpet. Deep cleaning and instant dry.

For carpet, rug, sofa, couch, car interior and other textile.

Everyone who wants to clean the carpet effortlessly. It’s especially suitable for commercial carpet cleaning business or janitorial company.

360 deep cleaning. Able to remove stubborn stains in the root of carpet fiber.



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