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Car Steam Cleaning Machine

Steam in 12 Seconds

Just after you infuse water and turn on the switch, the machine will generate strong steam in seconds.

Water & Electricity Separation

Using water and electricity at the same time will bring potential risk. We use smart design to sperate them.

Intelligent Inverter

You may choose to use the car steam cleaning machine by 8KW or 18KW. Flexible option enable the use according to specific need.

Energy Saving

As a popular car cleaning method, steam cleaning will bring better effect with less water consuming.

24 Hours Continuous

The ability to work day and night without break helps the cleaning machine to undertake heavy work.

High Temperature Sterilization

Compared to traditional car cleaning method, we use hot steam instead of cold water, which will do disinfection at the same time.

No Gas

Getting rid of the use of gas, we are free from the concerning about gas leakage and exploding risk.

Patent Technology

As a China based manufacturer, we are pround to offer patented steam cleaner with stable performance and affordable price.

Feature spotlights

Car Steam Cleaning Machine

Steam Machine for Car Cleaning

Heycar steam car cleaning machine – 8-18 KW power. Wet & Dry steam for effecient cleaning of car body and car interior. Quick hot steam vapor. Your ideal choice for cleaning business.

All kinds of vehicles including cars, vans, SUVs… For car body exterior and interior cleaning. 

Everyone who wants to clean the car effortlessly. It’s especially suitable for commercial car detailing servie or janitorial company.

360 deep cleaning. Able to remove stubbon stains left for years.


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