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Steam Pressure washer

Quick Hot Steam

With less preheating time, this car cleaning machine will generate hot steam in less than one minute.

Wet & Dry Steam

In most situation, we use high pressure wet steam to clean the car body and dry steam to clean car interior.

Stable Water Pump

Brand water pump deliver more fluent water flow and continous strong steam vapor.

Sterilize & Remove Odor

High temperature steam helps to sterilize and remove odor from sofa and other interiors.

9KW Strong Power

High power brings thicker steam vapor, better washing effect and ensure your capacity to receive more customers.

Security Design

From water-electricity saperation to safety plug, we always put the security issue in front of any function.

No Gas

Without of gas usage, we are free from the concerning about gas leakage and explosive risk.

No Detergent Required

As steam itself is good cleaning medium, it's no need to adopt any detergent that harm the environment.

Feature spotlights

Car Steam Cleaning Machine

Industrial Steam Car Wash Machine

Traditional car washes require the use of detergents containing chemicals. These ingredients will damage the leather trim and seats on the car, as well as require a lot of water to clean, which is not environmentally friendly, steam car washing machine does not need detergent, save electricity, save water.

All kinds of vehicles including cars, vans, SUVs… For car body exterior and interior cleaning. 

The service/business provider of car wash shop, parking lot, 4S shop, gas station…

360 deep cleaning. Able to remove stubbon stains left for years.


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