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Steam is natural. It’s different from those harmful cleaning detergent. Steam cleaning has the advantages that traditional car washing methods cannot achieve. It also provides the unique function of cleaning and disinfecting the vehicle. The hot steam helps killing bacteria, germs, viruses, mold, bugs and other microorganisms.

Steam cleaning has become one of the best and most popular ways to clean cars in an environmentally friendly way. It is wise to steam the car interior and exterior. Doing so will give your car a fresh new look without using harmful chemicals that could be dangerous to you, especially your children.

Steam cleaning uses less water and can easily clean many different parts of a car. So, with steam cleaning, you don’t even have to worry about the areas of the car where water accumulates, such as electronics, including digital tachometers, GPS systems, etc.

There are many benefits to using steam wash for car exterior:

Keep car paint fresh

Steam cleaning does not use hard brushes and abrasive materials, which helps keep the paint fresh and scratch free. Chemicals and brushes used in the normal cleaning process can damage the paint and ultimately dull the car’s surface and appearance. Steam cleaning doesn’t require chemicals and brushes, so the car’s surface won’t be affected, meaning there won’t be any scratches and your car will stay bright and brand new.

No toxic residue

The main advantage of steam-cleaning a car is that it does not use harmful, irritating chemicals. Harsh and harmful chemicals are difficult not only for dirt and grime, but also for the environment. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, is harmless as it provides a great opportunity to keep your car close to nature and “green”.

Stripless window

Sometimes rough and harmful chemicals can cause scratches on Windows when they are not properly rubbed off. In steam cleaning, Windows are washed naturally by steam, so there is no problem with Windows having streaks. Steam cleaning leaves Windows clean, smooth and fresh. In addition, steam cleaning removes chromium, wax, tar and other compounds from molded parts and bumpers.

And we can get more benefits to use steam cleaner to clean the car interior:

  • Steam cleaning eliminates all odors.
  • Steam removes stains, smoke smells and mildew.
  • Clean the fabric quickly and deeply.
  • The surface is almost dry after steam cleaning.
  • Able to clean hard-to-reach areas such as dashboards, vents, ashtrays, handrails, cup holders and etc.

Steam cleaning is a great option for your car. The heat of steam cleaning actually kills and denatures harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Steam is airborne, so the heat will naturally kill any bacteria or viruses in the air. Steam cleaning makes your car smell clean and fresh, completely safe and healthy for your family. Steam car washes don’t use detergent, so they don’t waste water.