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The properties of environmental protection and energy saving, deep cleaning effect and labor-saving and fast high efficiency of steam car washing are unmatched by traditional car washing, so it contains great business opportunities. People with advanced ideas smell business opportunities and have begun the road of gold digging.

If you take such a good machine home and wash the car according to the traditional idea of washing the car, the business may not improve. As a professional steam cleaning manufacturer, we’d like to give you some advice on how to make more money with your steam cleaning machine.

1、 VIP deep car washing. Deep car washing is definitely not just washing the appearance. It will make you half tired and don’t earn much money, so you should be able to use the steam car washing machine as a good “tool”. VIP door-to-door car washing and engine washing can be carried out, which can not be done by traditional car washing. We all know that after long-term use of the car, there will be a lot of dust and oil in the engine, which will corrode the lines in the engine compartment and cause spontaneous combustion. Cleaning these places can obtain considerable benefits; It can also clean the air conditioning port, instrument panel, trunk and gap.

Where it is difficult for fingers to enter, the steam car washing machine can be deeply three-dimensional cleaned; With the popularization of the health concept, especially the impact of the global epidemic, people have higher and higher requirements for hygiene. Cleaning and disinfection of the car can not only highlight the identity of the car owner, reflect the specialty of car washing, but also increase a lot of additional income. If customers ask for beauty, maintenance, repair and other projects, the income is like water.

2、 Domestic cleaning, steam washing machine is also a steam washing machine. Door to door service is the main advantage of steam washing machine. The pressure of steam washing machine is 20kg. Its principle of high-temperature thermal decomposition has a very powerful effect on cleaning stubborn stains. For example, indoor disinfection, sofas, mattresses, floor stalls and range hoods have immediate effects. I remember that one of the company’s customers is a professional who uses a steam car washer to wash range hoods. They can wash more than a dozen in a day, and the door-to-door charge is 90-110 yuan. You can imagine the profit, and the domestic cleaning charge is even higher.

3、 Hotels, restaurants and industrial sites are the gathering places of heavy oil pollution. The oil smell is heavy and ugly, which will also affect the normal operation of the equipment. Steam washing machines can easily solve these hard problems, so they are widely loved by factories and restaurants. An agent of Gaoke group likes to sell steam washing machines to factories and restaurants because they order more than one machine.

4、 Cooperate with vehicle repair shops, second-hand car markets, car washes, car beauty shops, gas stations, transportation companies, high-end places, etc. to provide them with batch services with large demand and wide market.