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People often attach great importance to the cleaning of car appearance. In fact, the cleaning of car interior plays an important role in prolonging the service life of the car, reducing bacteria and the health of people in the car.

The interior of the car receives the impact of all kinds of food residues, pet hair, dust and soil all year round. It is one of the most difficult places for the whole car to clean. Using steam car washing machine can help you clean your car easily and efficiently. Let’s take a look at the scope of application of steam car washing machine.

  1. Steam is applicable to all types of car interiors

Steam cleaning is suitable for almost any type of automotive interior, such as leather, artificial leather, suede, velvet, polyester and nylon. It is suitable for thermal and water sensitive surfaces.

  1. The steam cleaner can reach a smaller space

The parts or gadgets equipped with the steam cleaner can easily reach the area between the car seat and other small corners and cracks. When other types of cleaning methods are used, these spaces are ignored because they cannot be accessed.

  1. The heat of steam can dissolve all kinds of dirt

High temperature oil stains and steam cleaning materials will not be damaged. Steam can also effectively remove pet hair. Although you can also use household drugs such as white vinegar to remove stains, there is no guarantee that it will not damage the surface.

  1. Steam can disinfect the cab at the same time

The high temperature that can effectively clean stains can also kill dangerous bacteria and viruses that breed on the car interior. It also removes persistent odors that may be caused by mold. Give you a clean and safe car!

  1. Steam is cleaner and more environmentally friendly

The steam cleaner uses very little water, so it helps to save water. In addition, no toxic wastewater will pollute rivers and lakes and endanger aquatic organisms. The minimum amount of water also makes steam cleaning more convenient to be used in different scenes without being limited by the water source.

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