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What are the necessary car maintenance items?

For many people, buying a car is a major event. It takes time to decide to buy a car, and it is even more difficult to keep a car. It is estimated that many people have such feeling, and car maintenance is a key point.

Because besides appearance and comfort, maintenance is the premise of the above problems. Then, in the face of a large number of vehicle maintenance by 4S stores or auto repair shops, the owner’s friends don’t know how to “give up”, because many maintenance can be postponed without early maintenance.

Let’s take a look at some basic maintenance items of the car and what must be maintained first.

  1. Engine Oil

There is no doubt that the engine oil must be changed. Because the engine oil is called the “blood” of the engine, the main concern and fatal of the vehicle is the engine, so if anything happens to the engine, it will seriously affect the use of the vehicle. The engine oil mainly has the functions of lubrication, shock absorption and buffering, cooling and reducing engine wear, etc.

By the way, many car owners are often concerned about whether their vehicles are suitable for full synthetic oil or semi synthetic oil. For the selection of fully synthetic and semi synthetic engine oil, you can add fully synthetic engine oil according to your own driving habits, such as often walking on bad roads or not driving often.

If you often drive but the road conditions are good, you can add semi synthetic. Of course, it’s not absolute. If you maintain diligently, you can also add semi synthetic. The replacement cycle of fully synthetic engine oil is relatively long, and the performance is relatively good. Mineral oil is not recommended!

I has a deep understanding that my car has just finished maintenance, but the engine oil has not been replaced in time, resulting in that the engine oil is almost dry during maintenance. If it is dry and the engine cylinder is pulled, what a big mistake it should be.

Therefore, even the vehicle will not be maintained in time. The engine oil must be replaced, and the maintenance must be carried out according to the specified time table.

  1. Engine Oil filter

It is also necessary to replace the engine oil filter. Many car owners may agree on it. During maintenance, especially when changing the oil, replace a circular object under the car, that is, the machine filter. The engine oil filter is used to filter the engine oil, filter out the dust, carbon sediment, metal particles and other impurities in the engine oil, and protect the engine. It is also a very important element that must be replaced.

  1. Gasoline filter element

The gasoline filter element will not be replaced frequently. Of course, it is mainly based on the replacement cycle in the instructions of different vehicles, because the mileage or time of replacing the oil filter element is different for different vehicles. Of course, you can also advance or postpone the mileage or time in the manual. Generally, there is no problem with the vehicle. The gasoline filter element is mainly used to keep the interior of the engine clean (including oil lubrication system and combustion chamber) and prevent cylinder pulling or dust from wearing the engine.

  1. Air conditioning filter element

If many car owners have no choice but to go to the 4S store or garage for the above three minor maintenance, the air-conditioning filter element can be replaced by themselves. They only need to pay attention during the maintenance for the first time. This is not difficult to replace. You can save a little manual cost by buying one online and do it yourself. Of course, it’s OK to buy online and ask the staff to help replace it when doing maintenance. In particular, there is a peculiar smell in the vehicle. If it comes from the air inlet, it is recommended to replace it in time.

  1. Antifreeze

For most car owners, antifreeze may not be replaced until the car is scrapped or replaced, but special circumstances cannot be ruled out. Pay attention to observation. Because the antifreeze has problems whether it is lower than the minimum line or higher than the maximum line, it can be observed normally. Its main functions are antifreeze in winter, anti boiling, anti scaling and anti-corrosion in summer.

  1. Brake fluid

Open the engine cover and find a circle on the bracket, that is where to add brake oil. Due to the water absorption characteristics of brake oil, after using for a period of time, the oil and water are separated, the boiling point is different, the performance is reduced, and the braking effect is affected. It is recommended to change the brake fluid every 40000 km. Of course, according to the conditions of each vehicle, the replacement cycle can be shortened accordingly.

  1. Steering power oil

Steering auxiliary oil is the liquid oil used in automobile power steering pump. Through hydraulic action, we can easily turn the steering wheel. Similar to automatic transmission oil, brake fluid and damping fluid. It is recommended to replace it during major maintenance.

There are 6 other items that you have to consider during car maintance. We will talk about them in next article.

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